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Robby Stoks

Robby Stoks
Charles Deberiotstraat 32 - box 2439
3000 Leuven
room: 00.08

tel: +32 16 32 37 10

My research can be summarized as ‘stress ecology’ and is situated at the interplay between ecology and evolution. I study how animals deal with and adapt to natural and anthropogenic stressors with recent emphasis on global warming and pollution. Special attention goes to an integrated and mechanistic understanding of responses to single and combined stressors going from the subcellular level up to the level of whole-organism performance and fitness. The emphasis on mechanistic underpinnings allows the implementation of bottom-up approaches and examining ecological consequences at the population, community and ecosystem levels. By combining comparisons between genotypes, populations and species with known relatedness I integrate these stress-ecological questions in a micro- and macro-evolutionary framework. I address these topics in a series of freshwater invertebrates, mainly damselflies, mosquitoes and water fleas, and thereby combine disciplines such as behavioural ecology, ecological stoichiometry, ecophysiology, ecotoxicology, evolutionary ecology, functional ecology and genetics.

Selected publications