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Hans Jacquemyn

Hans Jacquemyn
Kasteelpark Arenberg 31 - box 2435
3001 Leuven
room: 01.03

tel: +32 16 32 15 30

In our research we address fundamental questions regarding the population dynamics and population-level consequences of inter-specific interactions. Most plant species rely on both above- (plant-pollinator) and below-ground (plant-microbe) interactions for completion of their life cycle. A part of our work focuses on understanding the architecture of the network of interactions between plants and mycorrhizal fungi, and how plant-microbe interactions determine population viability and distribution. A second part of our work focuses on plant-insect interactions and the evolution of mating systems. We also develop mathematical models that allow predicting the impact of changing environmental conditions on the long-term survival of plant species. These models provide powerful tools to understand the factors that may drive populations to extinction or that facilitate rapid expansion in space and time. Ultimately, we aim to incorporate changes in mating system parameters in demographic models to fully understand the impact of human disturbances on plant population viability.

Selected publications