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Jos Snoeks

Jos Snoeks
Charles Deberiotstraat 32 - box 2439
3000 Leuven

tel: +32 16 37 36 40

We study the biodiversity of fishes, mainly from African fresh- and brackish waters. We focus on systematics, evolutionary history,  biogeography and ecology, but also include aspects of conservation and fisheries. We are mainly based at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren. We are active in various parts of Africa, but concentrate our efforts on Central Africa. Current research projects include the systematics and evolutionary history of the endemic cichlids of the Great African lakes, and the diversity and ecology of the unique ichthyofauna of the Congo basin. Methods used include a.o. traditional and geometric morphometrics, genetics and gut content analysis. We coordinate the part on African fresh and brackish waters in FishBase and contribute to the IUCN Red List of threatened species for the same fish taxa.