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Roger Huybrechts

Roger Huybrechts
Naamsestraat 59 - box 2465
3000 Leuven
room: 00.75

tel: +32 16 32 39 33 or +32163 30283
fax: +32163 23902
mobile: 0476487466

Our research presently focuses on two independent problems in insect developmental physiology. At one hand we try to understand the endocrine regulation of protein meal dependent reproduction in the anautogenous fleshly. Fleshflies represent a workable alternative model for blood meal dependent reproduction in mosquitoes. We tackle this problem using a combination of classical physiology with tools from both molecular biology and peptidomics. As a second model, in direct support of the GOA convent HSV, we try to understand innate immunity in locusts in which, in contrast to the situation in most other insects, the defense system mainly depend upon cellular immunity. Indeed the locust seems to minimally invest in the synthesis of antimicrobial peptides. In essence we try to elucidate the cytokine dependent pathways which regulate hemocytes proliferatio. To do so  we are developing a locust cell line model starting from hemocyte precursor cells.

Selected publications