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Veerle Darras

Veerle Darras
Naamsestraat 61 - box 2464
3000 Leuven
room: 01.33

tel: +32 16 32 39 85 or +32163 23992
fax: +32163 24262

The research of the Laboratory of Comparative Endocrinology group is focused on the role of hormones in the development and growth of vertebrates. We focus on the thyroid axis but also investigate interactions with hormones of other endocrine axes such as glucocorticoids and sex steroids. Our current research projects can be grouped in three major topics: (1) the role of thyroid hormones in different aspects of embryonic and larval development studied mainly in zebra fish and chicken, (2) the role of thyroid hormone transport and metabolism in brain development studied in chicken embryos and zebra finch hatchlings and (3) the role of thyroid hormones in adult neuroplasticity studied in the visual system of adult zebra fish and the song control system in starling. We also have several national and international collaborations investigating thyroid hormone metabolism and function in other vertebrate models as well as human disease.

Selected publications