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Luc De Meester

Luc De Meester
Charles Deberiotstraat 32 - box 2439
3000 Leuven
room: 03.03

tel: +32 16 32 37 08 or +32163 23966
fax: +32163 24575

My research focuses on how ecological and evolutionary processes interact with the environment and with each other, using mainly the water flea Daphnia and zooplankton inhabiting ponds and shallow lakes as model systems. My research involves metacommunity ecology, evolutionary ecology, stress ecology and ecological genomics. Covering a broad range of approaches (field work, mesocosm and laboratory experiments, resurrection ecology, genomics, modelling), the overall aim of my research converges into understanding how both ecological and evolutionary responses integrate in explaining how genotypes, populations and communities deal with environmental challenges, including  both natural (presence of predators, parasites, competitors) as well as human-induced stressors such as climate change and pollution. My overarching aim is to understand emerging responses at different levels of biological organisation, ranging from genotypes to ecosystem functioning. I am particularly excited by eco-evolutionary feedbacks as I consider them to be crucial to adequately predict biological responses to environmental change. 

Selected publications