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Filip Rolland

Filip Rolland
Kasteelpark Arenberg 31 - box 2437
3001 Leuven
room: 02.65

tel: +32 16 32 15 39

Plants support life on earth by solar energy-driven photosynthesis, but - as sessile, autotrophic organisms - are constantly challenged by changing environmental conditions. Sugars (and especially glucose and sucrose, the main products of photosynthesis) have been identified as important regulatory molecules, integrating metabolic, developmental and environmental cues. Conversely, the SnRK1 protein kinase (the ortholog of  mammalian AMPK) acts as an evolutionarily conserved ‘fuel gauge’, triggering massive reprogramming of transcription in response to diverse stress conditions that affect carbon and energy supplies. Using a combination of molecular, biochemical and genetic approaches, our group aims at elucidating (i) the molecular mechanisms controlling SnRK1 activity in response to metabolic status, (ii) transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms involved in SnRK1-regulation of primary and secondary (flavonoid) metabolism, (iii) the role of metabolic gradients and cell-autonomous SnRK1 signaling in the control of leaf growth and (iv) the role of SnRK1 signaling in plant stress tolerance and defense. 

Selected publications