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Wim Van den Ende

Wim Van den Ende
Kasteelpark Arenberg 31 - box 2434
3001 Leuven
room: 00.36

tel: +32 16 32 19 52 or +32163 21502
fax: +32163 21967

Our research focuses on soluble sugar metabolism and signaling in plants, especially under stress conditions. The roles of these sugars (hexose, sucrose, fructan, RFOs) and the enzymes involved in their synthesis and degradation are studied, with focus on new concepts such as “sweet immunity”, “fructan/RFO signaling”, “sugars as antioxidants” and “the function of plant defective invertases/FEHs”. Long-term goals include i) the development of high yield, stress tolerant plants ii) the use of natural sweets to prime plants for multi-stress tolerance iii) the development of superior enzymes for industrial applications (e.g. prebiotics for food industries).  

Selected publications