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Ellen Decaestecker

Ellen Decaestecker
Charles Deberiotstraat 32 - box 2464
3000 Leuven

tel: +32 56 24 60 59

My research groups studies the evolutionary ecology of stress responses with a focus on host-parasite interactions. More in particular, we focus on long-term coevolutionary dynamics and the role of frequency dependent selection and genotype x genotype interactions. We investigate the effect of changing environments and the role of meta-community processes in these interactions. Our research expertise consists of in vivo experimentation, theoretical modeling and genomics. We use the aquatic invertebrate Daphnia as a model system. We study trade-offs in defenses of Daphnia towards multiple antagonists, make historical reconstructions of Daphnia-stress interactions and develop host-parasite coevolution models on particular assets of long-term time shift experiments. My research group recently invested in functional genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetics to unravel the molecular underpinnings of these coevolutionary interactions. A second recent research focus is the role of the host microbiome in stressful adaptations.

Selected publications