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Welcome to the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Genomics

Our Research focuses on biodiversity, mostly vertebrates diversity, with special attention to evolutionary genetics and speciation, parasitology, molecular ecology, fish ecology and systematics, and bioarcheology. Whenever possible we use complementary approaches at the genomic, phenotypic, ecological and environmental level to support our findings. We manage a medium-throughput genotyping laboratory, have access to a genomics platform and do our bioinformatics in house. We organize the bachelor courses of genetics and archaeozoology. Master courses are taught in chordate diversity, comparative and functional anatomy of chordates, marine ecology, speciation and phylogenetics, bioinformatics (quantitative and evolutionary genetics), wildlife management and archaeozoology.
We cooperate with partners across Europe and North America, and in the Southern Hemisphere (projects all over Africa, in Ecuador and Vietnam). Our research has applications in sustainable development, nature conservation, water and wildlife management, human biology, fisheries and aquaculture.

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