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KU Leuven goes iGEM 2015

The iGEM competition is the most prestigious student competition in synthetic biology. In this contest, new organisms with useful applications are created. This is totally in line with the new innovation domain synthetic biology. The projects have among others more futuristic applications in the production of biofuels and high-grade chemical elements.

For the competition of 2015, KU Leuven has composed a team of 13 motivated students from different faculties: Bioscience Engineering, Science, Engineering Science, Medicine and Economics & Business. After four successful KU Leuven participations in the iGEM competition, the expectations are high. This year, no fewer than 280 other teams are registered for the competition. The students will meet in Boston (USA) at the end of September to defend their work.

‘Spot E. Shape’ is the name that is chosen by the KU Leuven team for their new project. Students modify bacteria so that they are able to form patterns on the basis of advanced models. This has applications in the development of new materials and the understanding and explanation of differentiation processes in nature.

During summer holidays students will do the modelling part and the lab work. Also a business plan, looking for sponsors and creating educative material is included in the schedule.

Do you want to know more? Check our iGEM wiki-page, the webpage of KULeuven iGEM and follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. Also in media, you will definitely see the KU Leuven iGEM-team at work.